Experience the extraordinary.


wedcGuests: up to 25
Yacht size: 68 ft

wedsCrew: 4

123Price: 1300 AED/hr

Another fantastic venue for your private or business celebration is the Nuvari luxury boat. The ship is designed solely to show its opulence and style, with the sense and volume of a 68-foot yacht. The ship gives you a sense of royalty, so don’t miss out on the opportunity. When you board the Nuvari, you’ll be surrounded by stunning design, luxurious cabins, and cutting-edge entertainment.

It features a large number of cabins that provide everyone with a high level of comfort, making it suitable for you and your family or a group of friends. The boat can accommodate up to 17 people in sumptuous suites, each exquisitely designed to provide a relaxing time at sea. A luxury guest cabin, a master room, and additional lounging areas are among the cabins. The beds in these rooms are attractive and big. The main bedroom features a couch, a vanity, a king-sized bed, and an en suite bathroom with a television. In the lounging area, there are two sofas and a coffee table. The aft deck has easy access to a broad flybridge that runs directly over it.

The Nuvari provides its guests a variety of aquatic sports in addition to high-quality equipment and services. Choose from jet skiing to fly boarding, all while being photographed by a professional photographer. The ship gives off an endless and expansive vibe. For convenient access, the main deck sweeps around to the foredeck. It has a wet bar, a twin sun pad, and an al fresco dining area on its flybridge. It also comes with a Bimini top, which is great for individuals who wish to sunbathe.


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